The success factors and demands

For successful implementation of the Steve JobsSchool Concept it is imperative that the School and Parent Boards support the transition from traditional education to an educational model of innovation and technology. In our experience most team members are sold on the idea after a visit to one of the SteveJobsSchools. Please send an e-mail to so you can discuss to organise such a visit.  

Organic transition

Experience teaches us that the larger part of the skills required to teach at a Steve JobsSchool is already present within most teachers. The most important factor is a ‘mind shift’ and a willingness to let go of traditional teaching, in favour of technology and new teaching methods. Teachers also need to have faith in the abilities of the techno savvy children of this generation. We can no longer plan to fight tommorrow’s wars with yesterdays weapons. In August 2014, the headmaster of ‘Het Palet’, successfully transitioned his school of 300 students to the O4NT concept in one fell swoop, showing that implementation is not difficult.

Minimum demands

Working with an individual development plan per student; 1:1 tablets, that are available 24/7; core groups of children of different ages; and studios with subject professionals are indispensable and minimally required components of the Steve JobsSchool approach.


There are different ways in which schools can transition to the Steve JobsSchool approach. If one does not wish to transition the entire school at once then it would be possible to start with just the first juniors or just the seniors.

During the beginning period it is important that someone assumes the role of project leader and plays a central role in the transition process. Steve JobsSchool can assist with the guidance. A start session for the entire team and trainings on specific points, such as the holding of the learning discussions can be executed under the direction of Steve JobsSchool.