Steve JobsSchool named one of the most innovative schools in the world by Tech Insider.

This Top 13 mentions Steve JobsSchool as one of three European schools. The other two are in Sweden and Denmark. “The school that thinks different” as Tech Insider puts it, got selected because of its concept of developing talents and skills of children thru personalized education with the most modern means.

International interest in our concept keeps growing. Last Monday a delegation of the European  Union visited our Amsterdam school and later in the week we receive a group of Brazilian education innovators. Saturday founder Maurice de Hond addresses the world congress of private schools in Lisbon and in January, he will speak at the London BETT, the world’s largest exhibition on education and technology.

While the number of Steve JobsSchools rises steadily in the Netherlands, the international interest translates in more and more school openings in other countries. In January two South African schools open, followed by Dubai, Spain and the Balkan.