Skills for the world of tomorrow

What a child learns at a primary school has been decreed by the laws of a country.  It is no different at A Steve JobsSchool. But what A Steve JobsSchool also teaches your child, are crucial 21st Century skills, digitally as well as analogy, that your child will utilise for the rest of his life.

Communication and cooperation

Forms of communication and cooperation are less and less bound to space or distance. In a playful way we prepare your child for this reality. Learning and participating from a distance become child’s play via projects, communication tools such as Facetime and the virtual components of the Steve JobsSchool concept.

Our children frequently present their projects to a group themselves, from a very young age, and so they gain valuable presentation skills and become proficient in various presentation styles and resources.

To find, to filter and to apply

It is true now, but as your child grows up, it becomes even more so, that all knowledge and information can be found on the internet. So an invaluable skill will be their ability to find all types of information, to filter it for relevance and to apply it in a useful way. This is what we will teach your child from day one.