Your involvement in the development of your child

The essence of a Steve JobsSchool is that both school and parents cooperate closely in the development of their children. As a parent you not only are kept abreast permanently of what your child does at school and how he or she does, but you also play an active role in determining periodical learning goals.

TikTik sCoolTool

On the basis of the learning goals that we agree upon with you and your child, we will offer your child specific instructions and workshops. To that end we use TikTik sCoolTool. This is the personal agenda of your child on the iPad, from which the child can choose from the personal offerings, which workshops he or she wishes to follow. So all the offerings your child can choose from are explicitly suitable for your child.

Choose what you want to learn

We advise parents to allow the children to let them choose themselves from the offerings, but to ‘look over their shoulders’ to make sure the child selects sufficient serious instruction moments such as for language and mathematics.

Better motivation

The fact that the children choose themselves, has proven to work extraordinarily positive in practice. Children turn out to be better motivated because of it, to attentively follow the chosen instructions and workshops, which will benefit the study results.

On top of it

Differently from a regular primary school, where you have to distil the progress of your child from periodical report cards and an incidental parent-teacher conference, at our school you not only are permanently informed about the progress of your child, but also in much more detail.

Individual Development Plan

Individual Development Plan

Every 6-8 weeks the coach invites you and your child for a conference where the learning goals of the previous weeks will be evaluated and sometimes checked with mini-tests. Then, new learning goals will be determined for the next 6 weeks. Based on those agreements, a personal learning program will be prepared.

This Individual Development Plan is vital within our education for several reasons. It guarantees the individual character of our education to your child, it makes sure that you and your child always know exactly what your child is working on at school and it shows in detail what your child’s progress is in every subject.