Challenging Traditional Education Models – Steve Jobs Schools launch in South Africa

Having been recently named one of the ‘Most Innovative Schools in the World’ by TechInsider Magazine, two SteveJobsSchools (SJS) have launched in South Africa.
With over 40 schools in development stages across the world, the first two SteveJobsSchools have officially launched in Johannesburg. Inaugurated by founder Maurice de Hond, SteveJobsSchools brings the next generation of schools to Africa.

With traditional school curricula inclined to prioritise the accumulation of knowledge over the application of knowledge, many schooling systems fail to adequately train students in digital citizenship and digital literacy. SteveJobsSchools aim to revolutionise the traditional method of classroom teaching through leveraging the latest technology and giving students the freedom to learn at their own pace through an Independent Learning Plan (ILP).

As a parent seeking the best for his child, Maurice started the Schools after he discovered that when researching suitable schools for his youngest daughter, that even though the world has changed immensely, most schools still use the same model and methods as 50 years ago. This model, designed for the industrial era, will fail to prepare learners adequately for the future world, essentially equipping learners to ‘fight tomorrows wars with yesterday’s weapons’

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