Avalon High School

When developing Avalon High School model for education we identified two issues to support our Steve Jobs primary philosophy. We implemented curriculums that would support each student in their educational journey, and that would prepare students for their life choices after school.


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Avalon High School therefore offers students and parents the unique opportunity to follow a curriculum that is best suited to the student.




Avalon British International Accredited Study Centre


The Avalon Accredited Study Centre offers supervision of Cambridge studies to students. Students further have the social interaction of studying in a group and/or the academic support of some face to face tuition. Students have the option to study independently or in groups and can book tutoring classes at an additional cost in key subjects as required.

The Accredited Study Centre:

  • Accredited with British International Distance College. Parents can be assured the centre is operated ethically and legally.
  • Liaises with BIDC to ensure student success in their selected programmes.
  • Distributes information/updates pertaining to Cambridge Assessment International Education.
  • Offers a comfortable and supportive learning environment conducive to learning.
  • Designs a personalised study programme, for each student, taking into account the amount of study hours available and also the student’s preferred pace of learning.
  • The School’s Study Centre Manager will review the student’s progress according to their program and any difficulties experienced with a subject will be reported and addressed immediately.
  • Monitors submission of assignments and administrative documentation.
  • Communicates set tutorial dates at BIDC prior to the examination.
  • Job shadowing and community service is also arranged.
  • On Campus tutors and teachers can be booked through the School’s Study Centre Manager or Core Teacher when a student requires support in a subject (additional costs apply).