Education according to Steve JobsSchool

At the SteveJobsSchools we are different … we are here to ignite kids’ passions, unleash their inner inventors, encourage out-the-box- thinking and creativity. We are embracing this new digital age with an innovative new school model, designed to equip our students for the 21st Century. Our focus is on our students as individuals with unique talents and interests. According to the US Department of Labour, 65% of today’s students will have jobs that don’t exist yet. They will communicate and cooperate in different ways, in a world where distances no longer exist and where anything you want to learn can be found online. We use the newest technologies, encourage creativity, out-the-box thinking, ingenuity, problem solving and collaboration.

Education for a new era

A Steve JobsSchool offers your child a rich learning environment with the most modern educational methods, where your child not only learns all the compulsory primary school matter, but where he or she will be educated in a unique way, to discover his or her own talent and to develop skills that are of vital importance for the world of tomorrow.

Individual, in a playful manner and at their own speed

A Steve JobsSchool teaches your child from an early age to indicate what they want to learn. To find information, to filter it for relevance and to apply it in a useful way. We believe more learning should be offered, based on the child’s own inquisitiveness and interests. Your child will learn vital social skills by working together with other children in projects and by sharing new knowledge through presentations to the group.